Upwork talent search is broken. What to do?

The story about the "new" Upwork algorithm. January 2024

Upwork talent search is broken. What to do?
Photo by Luis Villasmil / Unsplash

So, you've experienced the glory of being at the top of Upwork's search for talents, but now you feel like you've disappeared into the void? 🌌 As I've mentioned in another article, skills are the golden ticket. However, when I realized all my clients were lost in the middle of nowhere, I dove into the algorithm's mysteries to find some answers. Here's what I discovered:

  1. Upwork made changes to the match between titles and skills from the client's perspective. I suggest taking your top requests and starting to create posts from the client's accounts to check which skills match the request in Upwork's eyes. 🔄:

For example, I wrote Magento developer above.
2. Upwork changed autocomplete for clients' searches. So now we know the top requests by starting to write your main word

It was not so obvious before. Use these titles in your profiles as well!

I made such changes for 3 different profiles. And... only the designer jumped from the 21st page to the 7th. Others were staying on the +- same place. Sometimes all profiles were just disappearing. Sometimes they were jumping to the end of the search like crazy. I made like 4 theories and tried everything until... until I noticed that filters are working wrong! 🔄

For example location: Ukraine but on the top was a dev from Pakistan

Or at all - the design was matching with strange titles.

Long story short. I understood it was not a new strange algorithm. It's a bug from Upwork. We need to breath and wait until it will be resolved.

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