How did I make an experiment with 10 companies on Upwork and boost their profile visibility?

How did I make an experiment with 10 companies on Upwork and boost their profile visibility?

Table of contents:

  1. Thanks
  2. Results
  3. How to?
  4. Summary

I need to start with the thank you word to Vadym - an owner of Gigradar product who gave me such an amazing opportunity and access to the 10 unknown agencies to prove my boost strategy. Thank you, V, for such trust and to all participants too. Thank you also that we are going to continue this experiment even more!

Long story short, we made a marathon! 18 days people were doing what I said😈 to boost their profile visibility and prove the theory that I was using with my teams.

I want to start with the result:

This is a graph of how active marathon people were increasing their search position.

Also here are some profile views results(Marathon was in Sept 1st-sept 19th):

And my favorite one (thanks to Alex Koniukh) trend of Median Position Over the Month for all profiles

What is the marathon about in short?

1. Check your current situation: screenshot your profile, your activity, your views

2. Make a skills research like in this article and switch off the availability badge

3. Organically grow by daily updates for 2 weeks

4. Check where you are without an availability badge but with continuous updates

5. Switch on the availability badge on minimum (here should boost!)

6. Make the availability badge with a higher amount of connects for some time (that’s how you will move up to those guys who made it on minimum so boost a little bit more)

The key to success is to go with the skills and profile updates with the stress of your profile.

As summary, many participants were shocked about the skills research they made, we also understood that it's hard for many people to make daily updates however those who were active grew a lot! Also, daily updates and playing with the availability badge help a lot!

Would you like to join us for the next marathon? Click the link here!