Bot+typos = real human?.. or my new GigRadar Sardor AI Upwork experiment

Bot+typos = real human?.. or my new GigRadar Sardor AI Upwork experiment
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How to succeed on Upwork? Create experiments and be creative! That's how I am getting all these tricks. This article will be about my new experiment with Sardor AI for Upwork from Gigradar. The process was fun but the results are insightful!

Table of content:

  1. What is the idea?
  2. How did I test?
  3. What are the results?
  4. My summary

What is the idea?

You already know from my other articles, that I've created my own system and prompt for Sardor but who said they are the best? My fantasy is limitless! I've decided to test 10 of my ideas together (like A/B test).

I've created 10 different types of prompts(rules) sets to check which will win more. The idea is to make the style, tone, and main points very different from the default rules set. So here are 10 ideas to compare:

📍Main Tamara's prompts set - already working, I know it's good so it's like a point to compare with

📍3 points - [ Tell 3 main points why are you a good match for this particular job ]

📍Typos - [ Make 2 typos on the first line to show that you are a real person ]

📍Approach - [ Tailor your approach to the client's stated preferences, such as communication tools, working hours, or any other specific requirements. ]

📍Industry - [ Research the client's industry and incorporate relevant industry-specific terminology and trends into your cover letter to demonstrate your expertise. ]

📍Emotional connect - This one was very interesting. As an idea, AI should say things in a very emotional manner [ Create an emotional connection by explaining why you're passionate about the client's project or industry. Share a brief personal anecdote related to your interest. ]

📍Client's success - [ Express your genuine interest in the client's success and growth. Show how your contributions can contribute to their achievements. ]

📍Propose solution - [ Instead of just addressing the pain points, offer a preliminary solution or strategy to address those issues. This demonstrates your problem-solving abilities. ]

📍Better than others - [ Emphasize your unique skills or experiences that set you apart from other freelancers. Explain how these qualities can benefit the client's project. ]

📍Meet expectations - [ Clearly outline your understanding of the client's expectations, project scope, and deliverables. This demonstrates your attention to detail. ]

These are the main prompts from each but of course, there are many other points.

I asked 3 teams I am consulting to give me the freedom to play with their scanners. So I just created all 10 for the same industry for each of the team: full-stack development, shopify development, design team.

I was checking results for first days(after 1 day) and after two weeks of work to see what is more suitable and is it different for different teams. For example, I thought that the Emotional connect test wouldn't work for development jobs but would work for design.

I am not working for Gigradar but it's my passion to play around Upwork and test my ideas. For this article, I also have 5% promo code (which is like 600$ economy per year at least) for the Gigradar signup, if you want it, contact me on linkedin

I also want to pass my greetings to my first subscriber here - Kate, hello!

Hey reader! Is it so dark here or I don't see your subscriptions to this blog?🙃

Tamara doesn't see many subscribers here

What are the results?

1st day was awesome for the full-stack development team

Almost 15% conversion rate with no human? I think it's a great result!

The best scanners so far were:
Main Tamara, Client's Success, Typos

After 2 weeks this team has around 14% and the best scanners are: apart from others, typos, main Tamara, propose solution and Industry

As you may see Typos and Main Tamara are also sendong more but still have a lot of results (answers) so I think it's my top for this team.

The shopify team unfortunately decided to switch on only 2 scanners for two weeks and got 8% conversion (which is not bad for many Gigradar users) however the results are the same for both so I am skipping their results for now.

Design team has around 9% conversion and here is their 2 weeks screenshot

Emotional connect won:) As predicted woooow!

However apart from others and industry are also good for them.

My summary

My top of what I see:

  1. Main Tamara's Sardor scanner
  2. Industry
  3. Typos

However, it's the top as a summary but as you may see it may be different for different teams and their leads' portraits.

Today I've created one more "New but expert" scanners test for the totally new team - new on Upwork and Gigradar. I made them 5 scanners: 4 of which I already tested and were good and one new which said something like "yes, I am new here but I am super expert outside of Upwork". I will write about this experiment next time.

And for the end, just a screen of a very emotional connected to the client's Sardor:

Интернет-мем «Плачущие слезы счастья», мем, любовь, белый, лицо png |  PNGWing

Thanks for reading!