How to NOT make prompts for Sardor AI (Gigradar)

2 hypotheses how to write prompts for Sardor and how and why they fail

How to NOT make prompts for Sardor AI (Gigradar)
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I am quite curious about what Sardor could actually bring to all teams I am consulting. I love when the CEO is open to the experiments so I've decided to run 2 different new tests with two different teams. The results are amazingly bad BUT interesting:)

The hypotheses to prove:

  1. If I give Sardor the long list of portfolio items + explain each of them, Sardor will create a good text explaining how good this freelancer is according to the experience.
  2. I will ask Sardor to ask questions more about the client's pain point instead of writing about it as I made in my first successful test

Many portfolio items hypothesis

  • Gigradar doesn't allow putting more than 3000 symbols to the field so it was the first breakpoint. Okay, I made around 7 portfolio items and wrote: "Create the bid saying how relevant am I according to the following portfolio"
  • Gigradar was not able to even generate and send my bids. Support said that Sardor doesn't understand, who am I? They said I need to write: [Create the bid saying how relevant is Tamara]

Finally, it generated 7 bids like...

As you may see it doesn't follow any normal sales rules, calling client - "client"and writing in the "Indian style". But I can't even improve it because I don't have enough symbols to write prompts!

The results are sad:

2nd Hypothesis - Questions about pain points.

So all prompts were the same as in the first test I mentioned, but I've changed:  [Check what is the main client's pain point and ask a question about it in the first line]

Maybe I was in need to ask Sardor to ask smart questions because for example he asked, does he really need to have ReactJS experience for the job, where the ReactJS dev was needed:

The next bid's text was even more weird:

I got up at night to drink water and saw that - I ran to fix it. And then, when I changed to the first test text, it sent a normal bid for the 3rd time and got an answer immediately!


Btw, there will be a great contract. This team is even asking, if could we use only Sardor instead of templates. But then I will have a heart attack every morning:)


Just read my fails to not make the same mistakes, Sardor is constantly improving so I would say - use it with more limited filters and check each bid attentively to improve your prompts. I still like Gigaradar's templates' functionality as you can make the filters+text very suitable to each other.

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