GigRadar Sardor service: My first test

GigRadar Sardor service: My first test
Photo by Andrea De Santis / Unsplash

What is it?
In March I got to know about Gigradar - it's a service that helps you to bid on Upwork. It has two ways to bid:

  1. Template bids
  2. AI service

I was always very skeptical about all of Upwork's complimentary services however I fell in love with this one. Why? I was able to make filters and settings so deep that it started to seem, the bids are not templates, they are custom exactly for the client's needs.

Some results with templates:
I advised it to 4 other my teams. With one of them, we closed contracts for $26k in the first month using it, with another one 1700$ in first 3 dyas (their first contract on Upwork at all).

I have more results to be mentioned, however, in this article I would like to describe the most recent experience with their Alpha (not sure it's even Beta) feature - Sardor AI service.

Vadym - their founder was too kind to give it in my hands to try (probably because he owes me dinner). When I'm writing this article, I am using it for 4 days, however, I already have a lot to say:

Table of content:

  1. Rules I made
  2. My mistakes and how I improved it
  3. Sardor's fails
  4. Sardor's "wows"
  5. Summary and my next steps

Rules I made:

  • [ Check the client's proposal for antibot's questions or words that you need to start with - start with it in a joking way or ignore this rule]
  • [Say hello in the local language of the person and use the name of a person if listed in his proposal, if not - use the name of the company + team (for example ABC team), if nothing is found don't use the name]
  • [ Check what is the main client's pain point and say that you see that the main thing to start is this point and how I can help with it]
  • [ Use the style of the client, if it's formal - use formal language, if not - informal]
  • [ In case the client is asking for the quote or estimate - answer as a question for more details ]
  • [ If the client mentioned his website or competitor's website - mention at the start that you checked it and add a small summary]
  • [ Show one of the most relevant examples from the list:
    (here was a list but I deleted it to not show you, guys:))🏷️ link and summary
    🏷️ link and summary
    🏷️ link and summary]
  • [ Add the open question for his project at the end (start it with the word What) ]
  • [Write suitable emojis in each paragraph at least ]
GigRadar support came to me and said they already have antibot default rule so NO NEED to write it. I will write more about it in the next article too

My mistakes and how I improved it

  1. The first mistake is its too long rules. Sardor said hello “to the team in the United States”. I don't like it. It would be better to say just "Hello to the United States!🇺🇸"
  2. The second moment is that I wanted Sardor to exactly end up my letter with the question but he added more text. I’ve added the restriction:

[Don't use "Looking forward" and other default messages after the question. Your bid should end up with the question ]

Just a PRO tip: CTAs are different per different sales channels. Upwork is your separate channel where you need to call your lead for the dialogue. To do that - use open questions exactly at the end

3. (for example ABC team) - Gigradar exactly wrote ABC team… It was such a failure. I even withdrew the proposal. So don't use examples for Sardor, he may use them against you. I've cleaned it up and asked to not use team if no team found:

[Say hello in the local language of the person and use the name of a person if listed in his proposal, if not - use the name of the company + team, if nothing is found don't use the name and don't make team mention]

Sardor's fails

  1. It said Ahoy to a Ukrainian client for some reason and also called it a client. I gave a rule to not call them client or sir/madam

2. Sometimes, he just mentions exactly in the bid that he didn't find the antibot words🤦‍♀️:

Sardor's "wows"

  1. Cool that I had a rule:
[ In case the client is asking for the quote or estimate - answer as a question for more details ]

A client said in his proposal: When you apply, I will send you the reference and the theme they are using. I will need an estimation from you time/money to make similar website.

...and Sardor answered:

Regarding the quote for this project, I'd appreciate it if you could provide me with more details about the reference website and the theme they are using so that I can give you a more accurate estimate. Would that be okay? 💡

I was truly happy

2. He answers questions instead of you and he is doing it in a great way:

3. He understood my additional rules and removed all extra no needed words that I mentioned at the start of this article. Now it looks like:

Summary and my next steps:

  1. Use short rules and create additional rules for them if not satisfying
  2. Ask him to follow the style of the client. Sardor even wrote "mate" ones to the very informal proposal. I like it!
  3. Use emojis
  4. I need to explain better that the service should use lists so my bids will be more readable. For now, he doesn't understand me
  5. I want to try to use work history, skills, hire rate, and of course, competitors in the client's field and country to blaze a trail to success!