My GigRadar Review (how-to)

My Gigradar review and instructions of how to set your first scanners

My GigRadar Review (how-to)

People ask me why my teams are successful with Gigradar. There were so many questions that I decided to create this Gigradar review and write my own feedback about this service and how to work with it. Note: I've created this in my own subjective opinion and my feedback about GigRadar.

Table of contents

  1. Do you need Gigradar at all?
  2. Did I try other tools besides GigRadar?
  3. How to subscribe to Gigradar?
  4. Ok, I am there, what's next? Instruction of first steps with Gigradar + video
  5. My Gigradar feedback and what to expect

Do you need Gigradar at all?

Do you need Gigradar at all?

playing with headers here. Do you like?

❓First, answer(call to action, dude):

  1. For how many developers/designers do you need projects?=>More than 10?
  2. How many sales/lead gen people do you have? =>Less than 1 per 10 devs?
  3. What is your CPL*? Too expensive? *cost per qualified lead
  4. What is your reply rate? Less than 10% for custom bidding?

    If 2 answers are "yes" - then you need help.

Let me explain. I still believe that custom bids are MUCH better than any tool. Team human - is my choice, however, you need to fit the current situation on Upwork and quantity is a key.
The average reply rate should be around 15% for custom bidding (development and design niche) and better ;)

You can also check an article about the 1st month of Gigradar with one of my teams - Grandz.

Gigradar average will be around 10% (development and design niche). And you are lucky if you are in the US, your average will be the same as the custom one.

Did I try other tools besides GigRadar?

Yes, I did. I tried many tools and some of them are also great. For example, I like the quick way Upwex is generating letters.

If you want me to try and review other tools, just let me know.
However, what I like about Gigradar is that I can do A/B tests with it in a lot of different scenarios

A/B tests are very important at a moment when your conversion is stuck and can't grow further.
I was already writing about some tests I did with Sardor (Gigradar AI) however A/B tests help to test not only cover letters but:

  • ICP
  • Country
  • Profile vs Profile
  • General profile vs Specialised profile
  • Day vs Night

a lot more!

How to subscribe to Gigradar?

If you want to start over and just try - here is the minimal subscription link with my personal discount for my article readers . You can show Gigradar that you came from this article and they will invite me to the webinar again 😀

Please note, it will give you approximately 350 bids per month. I would say it's the minimum to start your first bidding service tests. No worries, you'll be able to unsubscribe or increase the amount of your bids later.

Ok, I am there, what's next? Instruction of first steps with Gigradar

  1. Follow the instructions to connect Gigradar to your Upwork profile. No, Gigradar won't see your messages. No, Gigradar won't ask for your credentials.
  2. Let's start setting scanners. Scanner is a kind of RSS of your wished job search
  1. Start with 10 scanners. You should create 10 scanners for each of your services. For example, Icons creation, UX/UI design, Branding design, Logo design, SAAS design, CRM/ERP design, Packaging design, Any design for very rich clients, etc.
  2. In the future, you'll create more and more specific ones, for example, UI/UX design for UK clients in Real Estate. However, you should start with more general scanners to test your ICP and cover letters.
  3. I suggest putting technologies in the list of keywords and spheres in the search. Use a lot of anti-keywords. Add there as much as possible.
  4. Note, the standard Upwork job is less than 30h per week so I don't recommend switching it off
  5. I don't recommend including budget placeholders (too poor leads)
  6. Exclude all countries you don't want
  7. I would recommend adding clients without feedback because otherwise, you'll be missing new clients at all.
  8. For Agency vs. freelancer and the level of freelancer, choose the following:

except for cases when you are selling outstaff services.

  1. Use syntax:

Space signifies AND operation

| signifies OR operation

" wraps a number of words to signify a phrase for searching

* at the end of a term signifies a prefix query

( and ) signify precedence

I made a short video example of how to create a difficult scanner.

My Gigradar feedback and what to expect

If you have trouble with the replies amount or leads amount then consider subscribing to Gigrdar however do it wisely. It's not a magic pill. You need to polish your scanners every day to make it profitable.

What to expect?

Wait for a week after you run your first 10 scanners. Check view and reply rate. =>

=>View rate is great but reply rate is awful. Something wrong with the text. Change text, and change prompt for Sardor.


=> View rate is bad so the reply rate is even worse. You need to change your profile and check your first line. Is it custom enough?


=> View and reply rates are great but leads are small/irrelevant. Polish your scanners, change/add anti-keywords, check countries or hourly rate

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