AI Upwork Service. Part 2. Fails and wins of Gigradar's Sardor (and promocode💌)

Part 2 of fails, wins, results of Gigradar service + promocode

AI Upwork Service. Part 2. Fails and wins of Gigradar's Sardor (and promocode💌)
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I was already telling how I've tested Gigradar AI service in April, however I had a plan to retest in May.

Just for those who are out of topic:
🪄Gigradar is a service that helps in Upwork bidding. I like it because you can experiment, filter and customize it so much that clients will think it's a human.

Table of content:

  1. What did I do
  2. Results
  3. Fails
  4. Summary
  5. Next steps

🤌What did I do:

1. ➕I've added the rule: [If you see any personal moment that the client is talking about - answer on this point too ]

2. ➖I've removed: [ Check the client's proposal for antibot's questions or words that you need to start with - start with it in a joking way or ignore this rule]

Actually, Gigradar's amazing support gave me a hint on this. I got to know that Sardor already has this rule implemented.

3.📏 I've made my rules shorter to be more clear.

For example:

Instead of: [ Use the style of the client's writings, if the client is using the lists - use the lists too, for example: 1. I already was doing the job for 2. I know exactly how to perform ]

I used: [ If the client is using the lists - use the lists too ]
[ If the client is using a lot of epithets - use a lot of epithets too ]

and more

I was traveling the first two weeks of May so I was almost not checking it(cat's photo is always suitable, right?😻)


What results did I achieve in the first 2 weeks of May:

Not so bad, however, could be better, I've decided to limit my filters because it was too hard to review 46 bids. So I've started to apply for a bigger fish.

And the second part of May became much better. Moreover, the replies became more relevant:

Together, my scanner got 8 answers. If you are curious, what are results after:
1st answer - not relevant filters=> improved

2nd - relevant, estimated to 403 hours, in progress

3rd - relevant, but very slowwww, waiting for him to give us an access to the code

4th - lost, too small project

5th - lost, need to remove marketing - added to anti-keywords

6th, 7th and 8th - relevant, in progress

So, the usual sales process is going on.

Just remember, you need to work on your scanners to win deals.For example, with this open to the experiments' team, we won 5 deals in March and 4 in April (stats is only from Gigradar without personal custom bids stats).


  1. 🤦‍♀️Still antibot errors.

I am not sure, why he keeps telling things about antibot even when it's not asked.

2. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Hello company sir/madam

I got 4 cover letters like that in May and I was running to withdraw them so that no one will kill me for such experiments.

And also I got to know the Gigradar promo code. It's a lifetime one. The code is already prefilled here

👏Summary: I need more tests. I love tests! I think I need to create a second scanner and try from scratch with harder prompts.

So the next steps:

  1. reexplain in the 1st AI scanner for company's name
  2. create a second Sardor's scanner
  3. retest with complex prompts
  4. I also think about feeding Sardor with around 20 portfolio items and see how he can use them.

🙃Thank you for reading, Sir/Madam/Company name Reader. Read more! Is that a joke?